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Buy-side/search assignments at ANDERSONdirect are built on four key foundations:

  • CRITERIA  ANDERSONdirect has developed an extensive discussion matrix which assists the client in identifying and prioritizing its goals and developing a good picture of what the ideal acquisition target might look like. That old adage “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there” is especially true in an acquisition search. Our success rate can be attributed to the upfront work we put into assisting our clients with careful definition of search criteria across a myriad of categories to find the perfect target.

  • TARGETING Once the search criteria have been established, I utilize my 30 years’ experience in direct marketing to draw on my network, while also employing the latest web-based industry analytic tools to identify prospects. Most importantly, since the more appropriate targets will most likely not be actively for sale, I use my experience in making these approaches to convince the target of the benefits of talking with my client – both personally for the owner/seller and for the long-term future of the business.

  • DILIGENCE AND VALUATION – Once a target has been chosen from among the initial interested parties, I work with the client to assist in diligence activity as requested and to develop what we feel is an appropriate valuation and deal structure.

  • DEAL NEGOTIATION – Valuation and deal structure are closely related. There can be significant flexibility in structures that meet the same valuation target.  The key to a successful negotiation is understanding what the seller is looking for and  designing a deal structure which meets those objectives while staying within the defined valuation range. ANDERSONdirect will be your valued partner - bringing years of experience -  to this key portion of the buy-side process.

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