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Four key components define the success of ANDERSONdirect’s sell-side services

  • TARGETING – reaching the right audience for your business is critical for a successful sale process. Over the last 23 years, we have inter-acted with many hundreds of buyers in all phases of direct marketing and can put those relationships to work for you. Whether you’re large or small; profitable or under-performing; growing, flat, or shrinking – we most likely know targets that are right for you.

  • HIGHLIGHTING “NUGGETS OF VALUE” thru metrics analysis – your business is special and we have the experience to present that to potential buyers in clear and convincing ways. Whether it is outstanding margins; best-in-class performance with SEO, PPC, catalog response rates, email click-thru rates – or whatever; low customer acquisition costs; excellent customer retention, loyalty, and re-buy rates -– we can present that data in a compelling manner that emphasizes how each adds to the inherent value of your business

  • GROWTH INITIATIVES – we work with you to lay out for prospective buyers what you see as the future growth initiatives that will drive the success of the business in the hands of the new owner

  • DEFINING OPPORTUNITIES – you’ve all heard that old cliché about “turning lemons into lemonade”.  In doing its sell-side preparatory work and analysis, ANDERSONdirect comes to grips with areas of your business that may be underperforming or sub-par. Through analysis and creative thinking, we address how these factors may be viewed as profit-improvement opportunities by a prospective buyer – and lay them out as such. By facing any such issues head-on, we gain the confidence of prospective buyers that they are being dealt with in a totally transparent manner.

These four factors are key as we go through our sell-side process. The process usually includes at least the following steps:


  • Initial analysis and preparation of selling materials – an Offering Notice; an Initial Data Package and/or a Confidential Information Memorandum (“CIM”)

  • Developing the target list and making initial contact

  • Hosting management “meet and greet” calls with interested parties

  • Shepherding information requests and soliciting Letters of Intent

  • Working with client on deciding on finalist target – including financial qualification of target when called for

  • Assisting with all due diligence activity

  • Assisting with and/or review of (if requested by client and client’s attorney) Asset Purchase Agreement (“APA”) and/or other definitive documentation

  • The closing

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